ALC Rolls the Dice on a $10 Retro Combo 3 in 1 Scratch ‘n Win – La Fleur’s Lottery World

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In Canada, scratcher games based on board games are exceedingly popular. Atlantic Lottery Corp. (ALC) decided to roll the dice and provide multiple board games on one C$10 Scratch ‘n Win ticket.

Called Retro Combo 3 in 1, this scratcher features three games: Scrabble, Connect 4, and Yahtzee. Players feel a real connection to these games which they probably played as a child.

“Board games are very nostalgic for our players,” asserted Brigitte Porelle Bourque, ALC’s Product Manager, Scratch.

Giving players the opportunity to play three different games on one ticket maximized its appeal. “We combine three board games on one ticket to appeal and attract a wider audience,” said Bourque.

Board games are only sold as scratcher games occasionally. “We don’t launch many board games but once in a while, we add one in the mix. However, over the years, I would say Scrabble was our most popular which is why it’s one of the games on Retro Combo,” said Bourque.

There were no special promotions on social and digital although these licensed games certainly could lend themselves to special contests.