Evidence That Iowans Believe In Luck

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Here’s a fun look at the passage of time, proving that Iowans really do believe in luck.

In 2015, metal sculptures in the shape of four-leaf clovers were installed around the Iowa Lottery’s headquarters building in Clive as part of the Art in State Buildings program. The sculptures are a light-hearted representation of lottery luck and people have had fun posing next to them through the years.

One clover in particular gets a lot of attention from visitors to the lottery. It’s a copper clover near the front doors of the building, and many people touch it for luck as they go by.

One of the clover leaves demonstrates that Iowans are hoping they can borrow some of its luck! The front edge of the leaf shows the impact of lots of hands reaching out to it.

So in this month when we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, here’s hoping that luck comes YOUR way. (And the clover will be here on your next visit!)