For Ticket Entry In The Current Promotion, It’s The Purchase Date That Matters

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Here’s a clarification we’ve shared with some players this week who didn’t know why they couldn’t enter their tickets into the Lotto America® Play It Again Promotion® with a total of $100,000 in prizes on the line. It’s the purchase date that determines a ticket’s eligibility for entry, not the drawing date.

Since Monday morning, lottery players in Iowa have been able to enter eligible Lotto America tickets into the promotion where we’ll give away a total of 33 prizes, including a top prize of $20,000. That promotion drawing will be held on March 31.

(And you likely already know this, but the promotion drawing is separate from the Lotto America game drawings, which are held each Wednesday and Saturday.)

We’ve been contacted by some players who thought they should be able to enter their tickets in the promotion and were confused by the “ineligible” messages they received.

It turns out that they were referencing the wrong date.

In a game like Lotto America, the drawing date you’ve purchased the ticket for is in large font in the center, just above the plays you bought. And while players sometimes buy their tickets on same day as the game drawing involved, that’s not always the case. Many times, they buy their plays in advance – and the purchase date is what applies for the promotion.

The purchase date is in the upper right corner of the ticket, in a year-month-date format. You can also see the exact time that the ticket was printed. Lotto America tickets purchased on or after March 1 are eligible for entry into the promotion.

Be sure to double-check the purchase date on any tickets you want to enter in the promotion!