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The Friday Night Film Series

Bring your popcorn and your favorite non-alcoholic beverage!

The Hiawatha Public Library once again invites you to The Friday Night Film Series. Every third Friday night at 7:00 pm we offer the freedom to see the year's best foreign and independent films.

On January 21, 2005 at 7:00 pm we will show the Australian film Rage In Placid Lake, a whimsical, satirical comedy starring Ben Lee and Miranda Richardson.

Placid Lake isn't your usual rebel. He wants to work in insurance.

Placid Lake (Ben Lee) has always been different. His crayon eating scientific genius of a best friend, Gemma (Rose Byrne), also has a few issues with `blending in'.

As an odd fish in a sea of mediocrity, his brilliant ideas are bound to get him into more trouble than success. So when he finds himself flying off the school roof and breaking every bone in his body on graduation night, Placid decides to make a bid for the elusive normal life.

To his parents' horror, he gets a normal job. Soon he's embracing conformity on the fast track to corporate success. But can Placid finally retire his rage in the pursuit of normalcy? Or will his plan backfire?

Summary written by Film Movement


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