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La Fleur’s Magazine’s new series—Quote of the Week—features interviews with lottery directors about what’s ahead for their organizations in fiscal 2022. We will feature a different director each week. This week we are spotlighting Gary Grief, Executive Director, Texas Lottery.

What’s ahead for your lottery in FY22?

“The launch of the first $100 scratch ticket in the industry is scheduled for May in Texas. Higher price points in Texas have continued to spur growth in our scratch ticket portfolio, with $50 scratch tickets now accounting for four of the top seven selling scratch tickets in our state. The success of the groundbreaking $100 scratch ticket will likely determine if the Texas Lottery achieves yet another record-breaking sales year. Also related to scratch tickets, we have recently released an innovative Request for Proposal for scratch ticket printing that includes what we hope will be the key to energizing the all-important ‘in-lane’ market for scratch tickets at big box retailers. The Texas Lottery Commission will also be moving into a new headquarters facility in April of 2022 as part of a massive consolidation of Texas state agencies into a newly constructed campus. Finally, we look forward to concluding the 30th Anniversary Celebration of the Texas Lottery in May with a promotional event that is sure to be memorable.”

What book are you currently reading?

A Very Punchable Face by Colin Jost of Saturday Night Live fame.”

Where do you plan to vacation in the next six months?

“My wife and I are taking my daughter, her husband and our two granddaughters (ages 2 and 4) to Disneyland in California in May. Can’t wait!”

Other comments?

“I continue to be very proud to be a part of the lottery industry. Although the U.S. lotteries are extremely diverse in how they are managed and overseen, we continue to find innovative ways to work together to benefit the good causes we all support.”