Kelly T. Gee, Virginia Lottery – La Fleur’s Lottery World

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La Fleur’s Magazine’s new series—Quote of the Week—features interviews with lottery directors about what’s ahead for their organizations in fiscal 2022. We will feature a different director each week. This week we are spotlighting Kelly T. Gee, Acting Director, Virginia Lottery.

What’s ahead for your lottery in FY22?

“As we head into the final quarter of our fiscal year, Virginia Lottery will be launching a new family of Print ‘n Play games, including a new $20 price point offering in this category. We continue to monitor the performance of our January Cash Pop addition. Our iLottery offerings steadily show growth and provide players with new games and user experiences, so we have high expectations for our revamped mobile app launch in the spring. Plans for FY23 are well underway, and our team is laser focused on honing our product mix and distribution to meet our sales and profit expectations for K-12 education while supporting our traditional retail partners.”

What book are you currently reading?

“I love to read books that have been made into movies so I can see what I read come to life. Some of my favorites are Gone With the WindTo Kill a Mockingbird, and Unbroken. But right now I’m reading Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers – a compelling story about how to think about success differently. It has taught me that success is about taking advantage of the opportunities right in front of you and less about an inherent gift.”

Where do you plan to vacation in the next six months?

“My husband and I have a house on Lake Gaston in North Carolina that we visit every weekend from Memorial Day to Labor Day. I look forward to a summer full of water skiing, yard games, and barbeques.”

Other comments?

“I assumed my new position at the Virginia Lottery in January 2022. I’ve been blown away by how this industry truly operates as a family—always sharing information and swapping lessons learned. I look forward to building many relationships over the coming months!”