Montana Lottery’s MONOPOLY X FOG Launched – La Fleur’s Lottery World

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Montana Lottery launched a MONOPOLY (licensed brand) family of games on May 4th, 2022. The MONOPOLY X family of games offers a $1, $2, $5 and $10 scratcher.

“This strategy falls in-line with our standard summer featured Scratch game promotion that we have done for the past 5+ years,” explained Jay Boughn, Instant Product Manager, Montana Lottery.

“The theme for these is the MONOPOLY brand with a multiplier feature that increases as you go up in price point,” said Boughn.

The top price point is the $10 50X MONOPOLY Scratcher. The lottery is also selling a $1 5X MONOPOLY, $2-10X MONOPOLY, and $5-20X MONOPOLY . The payout percentages are:

$1 = 57.95%,

$2 = 61.89%,

$5 = 69.79%

$10 = 74%.

“Additionally, these games will offer three 2nd chance “Community Chest” web code drawings for: $10,000 month of June, $20,000 month of July, and $30,000 month of August,” said Boughn.

This summer featured FOG will be supported by a full ad campaign; TV, radio, outdoor, digital and social.