Patrick Daigle, Atlantic Lottery – La Fleur’s Lottery World

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La Fleur’s Magazine’s new series—Quote of the Week—features interviews with lottery directors about what’s ahead for their organizations in fiscal 2023. We will feature a different director each week. This week we are spotlighting Patrick Daigle, President & CEO, Atlantic Lottery Corp.

What’s ahead for your lottery in FY23?

“At Atlantic Lottery, we’re always working on new innovations to improve the player experience and focus on increased digitization.

We’re excited about some projects this year that will help us to modernize the retail experience, expanding player touch points and enhancing the play experience.

Along with our ILC partners, we will also be launching the new and improved Lotto 6/49, one of our flagship games that has been a long-time favorite of our players.”

What book are you currently reading?

“The book I’m reading is called Indian Horse. It is written by Richard Wagamese who was a well-known Indigenous writer in Canada. The story is set in Ontario in the 1950s and covers the difficult topic of Canada’s Catholic residential schools.”

Where do you plan to vacation in the next six months?

“My next trip is going to be Greece in June. My wife and I are going to celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary, albeit two years late due to COVID cancellations.”

Other comments?

“Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Atlantic Lottery always sponsored more than 100 festivals, events and exhibitions across Atlantic Canada each year. We have greatly missed connecting with players and communities over the last few years when these events were not able to be held. Now, with restrictions lifted and life trending back towards normal, we are thrilled to be sponsoring a full roster of festivals and events this year so we can celebrate together in person once again.”