Remember, There Are Two Areas That Can Be Matched In This Game

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Some players have reached out to us about the “X The Money” scratch game, wanting to double-check the prize amount they won. Some thought they won less than they actually had, and a couple thought they didn’t win at all, even when the scan of their ticket showed the prize amount they won.

The disconnect came because they didn’t play the “X” multiplier spots at the top of their ticket.

In the play area on tickets in the X The Money game, the 15 numbers for you to play are in the Your Numbers section at the bottom. When you scratch off that area, you’ll uncover the numbers and the prize linked with each of them.

If you match any of Your Numbers to any of the five Winning Numbers in the middle of the ticket, you win the prize shown with Your Number. But don’t forget that you also will try to match Your Numbers to any of the five multiplier spots at the top of the ticket. If you match one of the X multipliers, the prize shown for Your Number is multiplied by the number in the X spot.

You can win more than one prize in each area, so be sure to check all the numbers. As an example, a player who contacted us had won a $5 prize by matching one of the Winning Numbers, but didn’t realize that she also had matched one of the multiplier numbers. That produced an additional $10 prize for a total of $15 in winnings on her ticket.

The X The Money game is named for its multiplier spots, so be sure to play them!