Tell Me Who Won That Prize …

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This is a question that just came our way but it’s also a common inquiry, so I’ll provide some direct links to the details involved.

The person who reached out wanted a list of recent Iowa Lottery winners but also wondered who won the very biggest lottery prize in Iowa.

Under state law, information about lottery winners is public, so we keep a millionaire’s list on our website that shows all the prizes of at least $1 million won in Iowa and a list of all winners of $600 or more within the past 12 months.

And if you’re looking for details about the winners in our latest promotions and contests, you can find that here.

As you’ll see, lottery players in this state have won five prizes of at least $100 million. And the very biggest amount claimed so far in Iowa was a $343.9 million Powerball® prize won in late 2018.

I know some folks won’t ever truly be satisfied until their name is on the list, but Iowans have taken home a lot of significant prizes through the years!