THIS Is How Things Went For Our Warehouse Dash Winners!

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They were selected as winners a few months ago during our holiday Warehouse Dash promotion, and now we have the details about how our contestants did during their 90-second dash to grab all the items they could!

This past weekend, the Iowa Lottery’s four Warehouse Dash winners got an exclusive, all-expense-paid trip to Chicago. After a welcome dinner Friday night at Michael Jordan’s Steak House, they each got to make their warehouse dash on Saturday.

Angela McClelland of Des Moines went first, followed by Shelby Nyweide of Tipton, Mike Thompson of Storm Lake, and Fawn Berstler-McCrabb of Marengo. They each had a partner with them for the dash, and their goal was to grab all the items they could fit into two giant wheeled carts. (Under the rules for the dash, one person pushes the cart while the other grabs items off the shelves.) It was fun to see the strategy the teams put into their selections!

Drones were high on the list of the hottest items snagged by this year’s teams! And of course big-screen televisions, laptops and portable speaker systems, but also camping gear and premium cooking sets.

In the end, each winner ended up with an entire pallet piled high with items from their dash. And hopefully, memories of a very fun and unique trip.

Congratulations to our Warehouse Dash winners! Enjoy your loot!

And for all our players, know that we’re making plans now for more exclusive prizes in our upcoming games and promotions! Doing another Warehouse Dash is definitely a possibility.