Two $100,000 Winners At The Same Store Within About A Week

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Every once in a while, a run of luck happens. And this time, it hit in southwest Iowa.

Two Glenwood men who bought scratch tickets at the same local convenience store have each won a $100,000 prize.

First up was Jacob Harper of Glenwood, who claimed one of the top prizes in the “$100,000 Mega Crossword” game on March 28. And then this week, Joshua Kisler of Glenwood claimed a $100,000 prize in the “Super 20s” scratch game. They both bought their winning tickets at Casey’s, 601 S. Locust St. in Glenwood.

So for now, the Mills County community of about 5,000 gets to claim the lucky title.

Where will luck strike next? In reality, we never know. Winning tickets are randomly distributed throughout our games so that no one – not even those of us who work at the lottery – knows when or where the next big winner will hit.

But it IS fun to see the stories of our winners as they claim their prizes!