Why Do You Need Those Details About Me For The VIP Club?

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A member of the lottery’s VIP Club who entered tickets in the recent Lotto America® promotion reached out to ask why we need the information required for membership in the players club. He said he didn’t think the lottery needed all those details.

There are reasons we ask for the information, including that we need to ensure the lottery is following the law, and that we can get any prizes to you if you win.

When players join the VIP Club, the membership form includes details such as your date of birth, mailing address, telephone number and email address. Each of those details has a purpose.

Your date of birth is required so the lottery can verify that you are of legal age to buy Iowa Lottery tickets. (In Iowa, you have to be at least 21 years old to make a lottery purchase.)

Your phone number and email are needed as ways for us to contact you if you win a prize in our promotions. And your mailing address is needed because that’s where we’ll deliver prizes or necessary prize-claim paperwork.

Combined, the information helps establish that it really is you we’re awarding a prize to and not someone trying to claim that they’re you.

Another really important point: The information that the lottery gathers is for its internal purposes only and is not shared with outside parties.